Art Direction and Styling

Raw, real, beautiful direction for photography that is carefuly considered and expertly crafted. My clients expect nothing less. 
My raison d'etre is art direction and styling for weddings and lifestyle photography that blurs the lines between fashion and documentation. 
I get excited about style elements and the roll that each of these elements should play.

Wedding Consulting and Coordination

As much as it sounds counter intuitive, the ideal wedding to me is when the bride and groom can publicly express the fact that they live in their own little world.  In other words, when I look at the wedding pictures of couples I've worked with, and I can tell that the bride and groom are totally entranced with one another, I know I have done my job well.

Here's the reason.

My job is to take all the details you've slaved over in planning your wedding and put myself between you and the details, so that your only job on your wedding day is to get married.

Creative services:

  • Vendor Selection
  • Colour Selection & Theme Development
  • Design and Decor Consultation
  • Spatial Design & Installations
  • Production and Final Execution