The Barefoot Stylist is the persona of Michael Dyment.  
I'm not a very flashy person. The names speaks to that. But my passion is aesthetics, so I MUST have SOME flash.

I've always had a thing for images and properly run wires.  I lay awake at night lamenting that I didn't shift that napkin another 1/4 inch clockwise. When the flower tones don't match the tone of the silverware I almost loose my mind, or if that couch that SHOULD be kitty corner is flat against the wall I start shaking if I can't change it.

These things may seem trivial, even surface to some, but to me it talks about care, consideration and respect for your guest or your family or frankly, respect for the space you're in. That's why I do what I do, not because it's just something to do but because I genuinely care about spaces and details.  That's is why I don't take a lot of pictures, because I get caught up in the details, the things that people don't generally pick up on. The things that go un-noticed in front of the camera, but are hard to fix after.

I love people. I love to make them beautiful. I love to help them discover who they really are, just like I love walking into a room and trying to envision it at it's full potential.

The Barefoot Stylist, an honest gentleman who just wants to make the world a more beautiful place.

If you'd like to know more about more about me, where I specialize, or applicable rates then feel free to give me a call
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